Nigerian Actress Cindy Amadi is deàd


The vibrant Nigerian film industry finds itself enveloped in sorrow with the abrupt passing of young actress, Cindy Amadi.

In the early hours of this very day, September 14, 2023, the talented actress, renowned for her role as Adaora in the Nigerian lesbian film, tragically died.

On Thursday, the producers of the movie, Ife, heartbreakingly confirmed Amadi’s untimely demise, conveying the profound impact she had on their lives through a poignant statement shared on their Instagram platform.

While the cause of her passing remains shrouded in mystery, the producers fondly remembered her as a magician on set, forever altering their lives with her presence.

The statement said, “We are greatly, deeply, and unbelievably saddened to learn about the passing of Cindy Amadi, who played Adaora in #ìféthemovie.

“Cindy brought her magic to our set and changed our lives forever. She was very enthusiastic about developing her craft and growing her career and continuing to showcase her talent. She was well on her way until her untimely passing.

“We cannot begin to imagine the pain and loss her family feel right now. On behalf of our entire cast and crew, we send our deepest condolences to her family and wish them all the comfort they need at this time.

“Rest in Peace, Cindy. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. We will always remember you and you live on in our hearts forever.”

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