Never will I Involve myself on nûdé, I’m a role model to many girls – Actress, Funmi Olatunji


A UK-based Nigerian actress, Olufunmilayo Olatunji, also known as Elleaboki, has revealed that she will reject any movie role that involves her displaying nudity.

The thespian said that she is also role model to many younger ones and she would not want to mislead or misgude them.

The actress further noted that she respects her religion and has dignity, so any sexually-related scene is out of the question for her.

Elleaboki said; “Nudity and sexually-related themes can make me turn down an acting role. I am a role model to many. I have my dignity, and I respect my religion so much.”

Despite seeing herself as a role model, Olatunji said she she has no role model in the movie industry, but she admires Kate Henshaw’s lifestyle.

She said; “To say I have a role model in the industry is a big lie, because I only look up to God, and not any human being. However, there is one person I admire a lot in the industry, and that is Kate Henshaw. I love her carriage and the way she’s aging gracefully.”

On how she manages her career from her London base, Elleaboki said; “Anyone who would love to feature me in their projects would have notified me in advance, and I would confirm the date, before booking my flight ticket to come to Nigeria.”

The seasoned actress also recalled her journey into the industry, saying; “I came to the industry in 2004 through Atinuke Ogungbe, one of the top make-up artists in Abeokuta, Ogun State. I was with her for over a year till I later decided to join ace actor, Segun Ogungbe’s production. That was the beginning of my career in the movie industry.”


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