My girlfriend of 4 years is marrying someone else – Man críes out


My girlfriend of 4 years is marrying someone else – Man cries out

A man known simply as Armstrong, has revealed that he discovered his longtime girlfriend is getting married to another man.

He said they have been dating for four years only for her to be preparing to tie the knot with someone other than him this month.

Taking to his Twitter page to lament, the young said he was weak as a result of the discovery, and it generated massive buzz.

He wrote; “My Girlfriend of 4 Years is getting married this month and it’s not too me… lol I’m beyond weak”

When a tweep asked; You no go reach there?

Armstrong replied; “Lol nah I wish her nothing but the absolute worst in her marriage”

In reaction, @Chichi_Arinze; So sorry about this but why didn’t you even engage or marry her in 4 years?

@taiwo_nic; Guy if this happen to me. I don’t know what I would do. I might just hate women’s forever.

@MaziEzenna; I’ve learned Women have options .. don’t stress yourself over them , if it didn’t dey? It didn’t dey

@ToyosiGodwin; Bro, was just telling someone about this. If something like this happens to me, I don’t really know how I’d react. All I know is, it’ll trigger an intensely stoic side of me. So sorry about this bro

@AdeyPhilip; Sorry bro, if it remains just dying minutes to marry the wrong person, God go separate us 

@isntayo; Omo na to wait for the “… speak now or forever hold your peace” section to show everyone premium werey at the venue. I firmly believe in doing your own back and be extremely petty with it

@The_SogaJoshua; How is this even possible? What were you both doing in the relationship? Did you break up a long time ago or the four years includes recent times as recent as last month? I have a so many questions

@laykas47; This same one life oo, that can be taken at anytime oo. Yet, people keep moving mad like we gone live forever, long enough to make and correct our mistakes.


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