“Mohbad díed knowing his son, Liam was his so there shouldn’t be a case of DNA test” – Nedu Wazobia


Popular broadcaster, Nedu Wazobia opines that there shouldn’t be a case of DNA being done on late singer, Mohbad’s son since he passed away knowing Liam is his.

Nedu Wazobia made the comment while speaking in his popular podcast, The Honest Bunch podcast.

According to him, the clamour for a DNA is no use since Mohbad had thought the boy to be his when he was alive.

He says that people are demanding for DNA test to satisfy themselves, when they have no business with Mohbad’s family.

Read some reactions below:

akinola.oluwatoyese said: “That shit coming from a man that did his own oo and find out the hard way”

nwaobianoziee wrote: “Buh you did yours …lol anuofia”

rasheedofnaija said: “TBVH… it’s kinda very disrespectful to the dead and the family he left behind to be forced into this unnecessary DNA narratives and stuffs!”

leerykelv_ said: “No wonder ur wife carry another person pinkin for u”

mhiz_tomi02 said: “There was a mur.der case issue and till now we don’t know who k’!lled Mohbad , mind you , in a mur.der case everybody is a suspect, more reasons why DNA is needed , my 2cent”

Watch the video below:


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