Men always leave after sleeping with me, it has not been easy finding true love – Mandy Kiss cries out


Nigerian social media influencer turned singer, Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, also known as Mandy Kiss, has lamented about her struggle with finding true love.

The controversial slay queen said men who show interest in having a serious relationship with her often break up with her after sleeping with her.

Mandy Kiss made the disclosure when she appeared as a guest on The Honest Bunch Podcast co-hosted by On-Air Personality, Nedu Wazobia.

The singer who recently dropped a gospel song, also bemoaned getting dumped by men despite having money and a good body.

She said; “It has not been easy for me [as regards finding true love]. I have suffered a lot. I just want happiness. I just want someone who will love me. But with my money and body, I’m still getting dumped.

“They [suitors] will come and I will think I have found true love. They will call me always, we will talk at night. But once they sleep with me, they leave,” she lamented.”

Meanwhile, she said in an interview months ago that she can’t get married even though she would like to.

Mandy stated this while having a chat on a podcast as she explained that marriage is too stressful for her to participate in the union.

The ex-runsgirl said that though she is not thinking of settling down, she just wants to have children with the man of her choice.

In other news…

A Nigerian man simply known as Frank has been left with a broken heart and deep fear for women after what his girlfriend did to him.

He revealed that he found out the girl he’s been dating for four years married another man while they were still in a relationship.

The 34-year-old man discovered that it was in the second year of the relationship that she tied the knot with another man.

According to Frank, he was clueless about everything that happened but he noticed that things changed within that period as she became busy all of a sudden.

He said they stopped going on dates and she moved to another place which was far from his house so he could not visit her.

However, she was still coming to visit him on Fridays and on Sunday morning she leaves for church service.

Frank eventually found out she had been married for two years and when he confronted her, she explained that he was not talking about marriage so she had to go for a man who was ready.

She told him that did not want to break up with him so she kept her marriage a secret because she still wanted them to be dating.

Frank said; Men are sc^m but women are sc^mmer. I once dated a lady for 4 years not knowing she got married to another guy 2 years into our relationship. I didn’t know because nothing really changed, except that we stopped going on dates because she forms busy all the time.

Another thing that I noticed was that she moved to a new place that was very far from me, I stopped visiting her while she visits me instead.

She’d come to my place on Fridays and leave for church on Sunday morning. When I found out that she was married 2 years into our relationship, I confronted her.

She said she had to because I wasn’t talking about marriage, and she couldn’t tell or break up break up with me because she still wants us to be together. I’m finding it hard to settle down now because I’ve been scared of women since then. I’m traumatized! Fear women!


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