“Married men who crítícíze ladies like me that expose our bodies online always come to our DMs”— Slayqeen, Pride Evy


Pride Evy has exposed married men who come to their DMs despite chastising them in front of their wives and girlfriends for exposing their bodies.

The Instagram twerk sensation revealed this is the famous Honest bunch podcast which is hosted by Nedu.

According to Pride Evy, once a married man is going through a girl’s profile on Instagram and criticize her for exposing her body, he wants her.

She added that they would most likely do it in the presence of their wives but as soon as they were gone, they’ll slide into their DMs.

When asked the percentage of Lagos married men in her DMs, she boldly said about 65% of the entire population in Lagos were messaging her privately.

She further explained how they posted their wife publicly on Instagram and would ask that they go to Snapchat to text so there will be no evidence on the app.

Video below:


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