“Marriage is a l0ss to man” – Twitter influencer reveals, as he counts the l0ss of Mr Ibu following his dèath


A Twitter social media user, identified as Albert Nat Hyde has revealed why marriage was a loss to veteran actor, John Okafor better known as Mr. Ibu.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter now known as X, he listed out the losses marriage brought to him and his it contributed to his untimely death.

He noted how his first wife ufw divorced him and took away his savings, his second wife accused him of sleeping with his daughter, he suffered from diabetes, his wife was making monetary demands from him while he was dying, he sold almost all his properties, his leg was amputated and lot more.

“Before Mr Ibu died:

▪️first wife divorced him & took away his savings
▪️Second wife accused him of sleeping with his daughter
▪️Consequently, he suffered from diabetes
▪️Had blood clotting & dead blood vessels in the leg
▪️His daughter squandered money meant for his surgery
▪️His wife still asked for iPhone 15 while he was dying
▪️He sold almost all his properties
▪️His leg was eventually amputated
▪️Finally, he dies abandoned with no wife, no properties, no money, and no legs

Legacy ruined! Marriage is a loss to every man!”


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