“Kate is so discipline with her diet, one reason she looks way younger than her age” – Reactions as Kate Henshaw refuses to eat cakes at a studio (Video)


Popular Nigerian actress, Toke Makinwa, recently tackled her colleague Kate Henshaw at a studio.

The media personality playfully confronted the veteran actress over her refusal to eat cupcake and her insistence on ‘keeping fit’ lifestyle.

In the video, Kate was seen alongside Chidi Mokeme and Jim Iyke. Toke, who was behind the camera, playfully questioned Kate about her reluctance to indulge in cupcakes, teasingly asking why she always prioritized the gym over enjoying a sweet treat.

Toke jokingly asked Kate how will tell those in heaven that she has never tasted cupcakes due to her dedication to fitness.

In Toke’s words; “Why are you tensioning everyone? Why are you always at the gym? The cupcake you won’t eat. What if you get to heaven, you will now say you did not taste cupcake because you are doing gym. Tomorrow she will probably be at the gym when we are sleeping.”

Netizens reacting in the comment section has complimented Kate on how ability to keep fir even at her age.

@_iamsheila said: “It’s obvious dat Aunty Kate lives a very disciplined lifestyle..Omo health is wealth o.”

@yes_am_adababy reacted: “I wish I can control my diet the way she controls hers and stop eating anyhow.”

@helenlush1 said: “See how she looks at 52! This look comes with a lot of sacrifices. You can’t eat your cake and have it.”

@rosythrone reacted: “All I see is a disciplined lady that knows her to control wat she eats. One reason she looks way younger than her age.”

@ble_ssing_sunday commented: “Kate is so discipline with her diet, If na me I for don finish those cupcakes.”

@superwoman9ia reacted: “I go to the Gym but eat everything. It’s just one life.”

@igho_omon reacted: “I wish I can stop eating like a thief.”

@nkay_paul said: “If you can discipline yourself with your diet, you have conquered most of your problems. The advice I always give myself.”

See the video below:


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