“I’ve lost over 300k, I spent so much buying fuel, yet…” – Woman selling frozen food cries out amid power outage, shares video of spoíled goods


A Nigerian woman based in Owerri, identified as @zinnysfarmandseafood, has shared the brutal impact of a 14-day power blackout in Imo State on her frozen food business.

Despite spending a substantial amount on fuel in a bid to salvage her inventory, the entrepreneur faced financial losses exceeding N300,000 within just a few days.

@zinnysfarmandseafood, who specializes in selling frozen food items, revealed that the lack of electricity during the prolonged blackout led to the damaging of some of her goods.

Faced with this challenging situation, she decided to take strategic action to mitigate further losses.

The business owner made the bold move to relocate her market to a cold room in Port Harcourt, ensuring the preservation of her goods amidst the power outage.

Expressing her ordeal, she shared her relief that the power outage was eventually resolved after enduring a considerable period of suffering.

Despite the setback, she expressed gratitude that not all of her inventory was affected.

“I think these last few days have been the toughest for me in business, but we move. 14 days of power blackout, and I spent so much buying fuel, yet some of my market got damaged,”

“But all the same, I am grateful that not all [are] damaged, and they finally called off the strike. But that was after I moved my market to a cold room in Port Harcourt.

“I have recorded over 300k losses in a few days, but that’s what business owners see. NIGERIA HAS HAPPENED TO ME” Woman said.

Netizens Reactions…
@sha–kol247 said; “Story of my life. Just last month, my shop is currently closed. turkey, chicken and other frozen went bad–4deep freezers.”

@Annic enterprises said; “But solar will help out.”

@vicky reacted: “My own is just one fridge I almost cried that day, I was so frustrated that I even told my husband am not doing again.”

@billsxchange reacted; “Buy mikano lister small size. That’s what u need to power they freezers well cause de need more strength to get it blocked.”

@user6356981591168 said; “So sorry. Even me in my house I use gen almost every day due to the heat the country is frustrating.”

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