“In your dreams” – Israel DMW’s wife slams him after he called her my wife


It appears that the marriage between Israel DMW and his wife, Sheila, is irrevocably broken and over especially with her latest comment. While there has been speculations about their marriage ending, the latest developments seems to cement that fact.

The controversy began when Israel shared a picture of himself and his wife on his Instagram story, captioning it “My wife.” What followed was a swift and stark response from Sheila, signifying a significant strain in their relationship.

Sheila reposted the image with a scathing comment, writing, “In your f***ing dreams.” This public exchange strongly implies that their marriage has hit a breaking point, leading to a sharp retort from Sheila.

This recent development follows reports from September 2023 that indicated trouble in Israel and Sheila’s marriage. According to these reports, Sheila, who is 22 years old, decided to return to her parents’ house, signaling the potential collapse of their union. Israel DMW, known as Israel Afera, had tied the knot with Sheila in a lavish wedding ceremony in October 2022.

It was alleged, particularly by online sources like Gistlover, that Sheila not only left her matrimonial home but also returned the bride price, officially marking the end of their marriage. These reports suggested that the root cause of their marital discord was financial support, or rather the lack thereof, from Israel, which had put a considerable strain on their relationship.

It’s worth noting that earlier in the year, Israel had publicly expressed his joy at marrying a virgin, celebrating Sheila’s birthday in June 2023. He shared his happiness in finding someone in her twenties who was still a virgin, acknowledging that such a circumstance was quite rare. This revelation contrasted with the recent developments, shedding light on the complexities of their relationship.


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