“I’m really tired and disappointed, N55,000 for one bag of rice” – Uchenna Nnanna laments bitterly over the bag of rice she bought (Video)


Nollywood actress and AMVCA award-winning filmmaker, Uchenna Nnanna has lamented over the bag of rice she recently bought.

The mother of two boys, via her Instagram page, expressed how shocked she was at her discovery after buying a bag of rice worth N55,000.

Uche narrated how she was led by the spirit to inquire the number of painters that make up a bag of rice and how together with her maid, she had measured the rice she bought, only for her to discover that she had been cheated.

She noted how if she didn’t measure the rice, she would have felt her staff were stealing from her.

Lamenting bitterly, she noted how the economy is bad, yet Nigerians are still cheating themselves. She urged her followers to be alert and measure the rice they buy.

“I don’t know where we are heading in this country. This ground is no longer leveled. The economy is not smiling and Christmas is around the corner. What do we call this that a bag of rice in Nigeria is over N50,000? The one I bought over the weekend was N55,000 for one bag of rice.

See what I saw when I bought one bag of rice. It will shock you people to see what I discovered. For the very first time, I asked the guy that I bought the rice from, how many paints are in a bag and he said 12. I don’t what made me ask that question, but I was led in my spirit to ask. I got home and decided to measure it and it was only 9. Is it from the company or the person that sold it to me? I was mad like how could I get just 9 painters from a bag of rice that is meant to be just 12 painters?

If I didn’t measure the rice, it would finish on time and I would be asking what went wrong and probably think my workers are stealing from me.

Everybody the economy is bad, do not allow anybody to cheat you. If you are buying a bag of rice let them measure it before you go home. Check where you’re buying from, know who you’re buying from.

Cap rice I am calling you out, is it from your end or those that are reselling”.

In her caption, she expressed how tired and disappointed she is.

“It’s really shocking what I discovered after buying a bag of rice as Hugh as N55,000. I’m really tired and disappointed”.

Video below….


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