“I’m considering economy ticket to London” – Uriel Oputa cries out as flight ticket soars to 7 million naira


Reality TV star Uriel Oputa recently took to her Instagram to express frustration over the soaring cost of flight tickets.

She shared that, for the first time in years, she is considering flying economy class to London due to the expensive prices, with business class fares from Nigeria to London now reaching 7 million Naira.

In her post, she humorously recalled a saying by Bob Risky about the challenges of being a ‘good girl’, though she quickly noted she was joking with this remark.

“Omo for the first time in Years

I’m considering. Economy ticket to London

Because….., e get why a business class is 7million.

Times like this I remember Bobs voice. Good girl no dey pay. (Kidding)”

Yesterday, Uriel had also addressed the issue of age-related trolling. She expressed her frustration at being targeted for her age, revealing that in her culture, age is seen as a blessing, not a curse.

She took pride in the fact that trolls can only target her age and not her financial status or appearance, confidently stating that claims of her being poor or unattractive would be untrue.

In recent months, Uriel has also been at the center of dating rumors involving Big Brother Nigeria reality star Groovy. The pair were seen holding hands and kissing in a car outside a club, sparking widespread speculation about a romantic relationship.

However, both Uriel and Groovy addressed these rumors, clarifying that their public displays of affection were part of a brand collaboration for a wine called Flirts, which required them to appear flirty. Their subsequent signing of the deal confirmed that the rumors were indeed for promotional purposes.


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