I think Mummy Zee’s husband manípulat£d her to wake up around 4am to cook for him, your pregnant wife – Model, Kimmy K (Video)


Influencer, Kimmy K speaks on why she thinks Mummy Zee’s husband manipulated her, and how their story is a reflection of how ‘messed up’ the society is.

I think Mummy Zee’s husband manipulated her to wake up around 4am to cook for him, your pregnant wife – Model, Kimmy K (Video)

Recall that Mummy Zee had gone viral after her story of how she woke up at 4 am made headlines.

Following this, she had received loads of gifts in cash and kinds from charitable folks.

Speaking in a recent podcast, Kimmy K, a model and influencer, opined that Mummy Zee’s husband manipulated her.

According to her, he triggered her insecurity by telling her about someone else bringing a spoon to work just to give him food.

The purpose, according to her, being to manipulate his wife into getting up early to cook food for him.

She further said that although many may tag their story ‘Grace’ it only reflects how messed up our system is.

Check out reactions …
Afamdeluxo remarked: “Why is she trying so hard to look like a man? Negodi mallam obu akpaghari. 😊”

Kennyninobrown said: “Make she dey try clean her glasses before she go open mouth waaaaa”

Yokeegilla commented: “With all the English and nails everywhere, one sense she no make. She’s just pained. In fact what she said is a bit true but the other way round. The society has lost its true values of the home and family and Mummy Zee’s story was a wake up call that family comes first.”

@ChiziQueeneth wrote: “It’s still grace, sweetie, since it’s an undeserved favour that came even though she didn’t deserve it. That is the definition of grace, grace causes things to make no sense, thus those who thought it was grace were correct and continue to be correct!😊”

Watch her speak …


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