Husband quickly hands their baby to wife as she tries to form slay queen in public (Video)


A Nigerian lady’s attempt to embrace her “fine girl moment” was hilariously interrupted by her husband, who playfully handed their baby to her while she was in the middle of twerking for the camera.

The incident, which unfolded on TikTok, left viewers in stitches and quickly went viral.

The young woman, known as @official_o.gollections on TokTik, had been enjoying a solo dance session, proudly showcasing her moves in front of the camera.

However, just seconds into her twerking performance, her husband seized the opportunity to bring their adorable baby into the frame and gently placed the child in her arms.

Wife causes buzz as she tries to form slay queen in public, husband quickly hands her their baby, she reacts
The unexpected interruption left the wife bursting into laughter, causing her to immediately stop her dance routine. She wondered why she couldn’t enjoy her “slay queen” moment in peace.

She humorously referred to her husband as “wicked” for spoiling her dance session.

The video quickly gained traction on social media, with viewers sharing it and reacting with laughter and amusement.

She wrote;

“Small fyn girl wey I won do dem carry my property give me”

“Dis man is wicked.”

Netizens Reactions…
@Zeegold said; “Somebody cannot slay in peace again.”

@Chidimmafreya said; “Don’t mind him na jealousy.”

@Best gurl said; “Your husband be like carry your bby so they can know you off d market.”

@Hot mummy said; “Them no they waist time oya back to mummy.

@Mhizpop said; “Na my hubby be this.”

@kosara2 said; “Chai uncle only this once na, you sef you too set I don’t blame him oo.”

@Tbaby said; “He wan remind you.”

@Mideypearl said; “Dis how my hubby always behave.”

@Cindy said: “Mr man no wan hear say person toast him wife biko.”

@burnajosh4 Joshua said; “Baba was like omo carry baby make there nor tost you oo I nor fit shout .”

@Eselicious said; “Oga say face your work jor.”

@Ayomi said; “Your husband will be like ,Face your work joor”

@Brenniey Brenda said; “Me I will pretend not to see both of them.

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