“House Rent Payment Don’t Meant For men’s to pay “We Women Should Help Our Husbands – Kiekie discloses (Video)


In a recent statement, Instagram influencer Kiekie throws shade at married women who do not share house rent with their husbands.

Kiekie, a mother of one while featuring as a guest on the show TokeMoments hosted by media personality, Toke Makinwa disclosed that it is nonsense for a wife not to share house rent with her husband as she asserts that there is respect in doing.

This reaction from Kiekie comes after the host Toke Makinwa utters that men do not like women that are nice.

Reacting to this, Kiekie stressed that the motion moved by Toke Makinwa is not actually true as she averred that most husbands do not like wives who always expect them to bring everything to her.

Using herself as an example, Kikie said she can allow her man to take her to Barcelona and other places for a nice holiday, buy her Fendi, Christian Dior among others but they share house rent together as well as other things in the house.

She added that at the end of the day, her man can never tell her to get out of the house, even if he said that they were going to leave the house together.

According to her, she and her man have equal access to everything in their house as she stated that if her man carries the TV, she would carry the chair, if he carries the roof, she would carry the floor.

Giving her own advice to married woman, Kiekie noted that living with someone is co habitation and by extension requires them to be responsible.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

missy_dammy: I totally agree with her , I remember when my elder sis had a fight with her husband and he said she must leave the house 😂, she asked which one is it the one we built together 😂 he later said I will leave the house for you then😂😂😂.

ade.ola_beryl: Sincerely men don’t appreciate nice and good women, infact they take advantage of them until they jam agbako women😂😂😂.

yummymummylynn: @tokemakinwa I can’t understand yoruba but the way you speak it so romantically make me want to learn it. E too sweet for your mouth pass English self. Nice one ☝️ happiness is the key in the home.

symply_damaris: In terms of being nice, generally people like to take advantage of nice people, being too considerate/understanding will have you stepped on a whole lot. I don’t think it’s a men thing per se.

winny_35; I don’t agree to sharing any rent kan kan, even that groceries gann we will share in providing it. Birthing children and nurturing them is not beans and let’s be factual, women do more of this job than men in Africa here. So ensure what you’re contributing is not more than 17%. If he like, he should move mad, you move madder. Oton!!!

mr_tuny27: Yes, that shows as a woman you have a stake in that relationship. But a lot of women want to have their cake and have it. By the way is Toke a man that she knows what men like more than men?


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