“Hope my privates didn’t show?” – Cardi B screams, ends live video after costly mistake (Video)


Popular American singer, Cardi B caused a stir online after she mistakenly put her legs up in the air during an Instagram live session.

The songstress had launched a live session on her verified Instagram page garnering over 45k viewers.

Cardi B who’s known for her playful stunts online was seen signing some cards while making hilarious utterances.

At a point in the clip, Cardi B got cracked up so much so that she lost composure and fell backwards on her bed raising her legs up. However, she immediately realized her mistake and sat up.

Cardi B went on to ask people around her if they saw her privates but they teased and laughed at her antics instead.

She speedily ended the live video afterwards while lamenting as regards whether her private part was seen in the video or not.

Watch the video below:

The clip triggered reactions from netizens who had different things to say.

One only_34_7 wrote: “What did you expect from a stripper lol.”

its.cassie_mimi wrote: “The live was interesting and funny last night 😂😂😂but her kini no show ooo mk una calm down.”

diinoo_official wrote: “She no wear pant ?”

l.a.r.m.y_2310 wrote: “She didn’t expose nothing 😂😂😂 you wish you would see it 😂😂 oloribu.”

kh8_tk4 wrote: “Nothing expose for here abeg 😂”

mk_lifestyle001 wrote: “So she no wear pants 😂 😂😂.”

marco_exchanger wrote: “If na naija celebrity now na once una go post am well.”

valueex7 wrote: “This gal Dey carry market 😂”

hendrix__ng wrote: “I was on the live yesterday watching and laughing nothing showed y’all stop caping 🧢.”


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