“He called my daughter a dóg” – Seun Kuti mócks comedian AY Makun Burnt House


Seun Kuti has doubled down in mocking comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, after his house and belongings were burnt.

The comedian was away with his family when their house was razed.

Seun Kuti mocked him immediately after the fire and is still mocking him weeks later.

In a new video, the saxophonist told his followers that he went live at the time AY’s house was burning to rejoice that his ancestors have “avenged” him.

Kuti claimed his daughter was portrayed as a dog by AY. He added that AY also used his “trials and tribulations” to make jokes.

He said it’s now payback and he will also joke about AY’s tribulations.

He then added that AY is not funny and his comedies are dry. He also called AY an abusive husband.

He said no female in AY’s household respects him, not even his daughters, because they have allegedly seen him beat their mother.

Seun’s video comes after he called out AY while mocking aphrodisiac merchant Jaruma who is reportedly in rehab for substance abuse.

Watch the video below.


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