“Forgive and forget” – Blessing Okoro tells Davido after calling him out for owing money


Blessing Okororo, self-proclaimed relationship expert and controversial media personality, has issued a public apology to the music superstar Davido.

In a recent video, she expressed regret for defaming Davido’s name and making false statements about him. She specifically mentioned that she belongs to the “30BG gang,” a reference to Davido’s core fans, and implored him to forgive her for her previous remarks.

This apology comes on the heels of a previous controversy where Blessing Okororo accused Davido of owing money to a car dealer named IVD.

She alleged that Davido had not completed payment for a car provided to one of his aides, Israel. She claimed that IVD confided in her, stating that Davido owed him money. However, IVD promptly refuted these claims, insisting that he was not owed any money by Davido and that Blessing was misinformed.

The situation escalated as Blessing Okororo shared private conversations and audio recordings of IVD, where he seemed to admit that Davido owed him money. IVD had to come out later to issue a public statement where he extended apologies to both Davido and Blessing, urging everyone to move forward, the situation took a turn.

Also, recently it as reproved that the police called Blessing Okoro in for questioning regarding her claims against Davido. It appeared that she lacked substantial evidence or concrete proof to support her allegations made against Davido. In response, she recorded a video apology to Davido, which has since gone viral.

While Blessing Okoro taken a step towards reconciliation with her apology, Davido is yet to respond to it and netizens remain doubtful that he will ever respond to it.


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