Everything I do is for the girlies – Singer Ayra Starr ríps men to shreds for ridiculing her skímpy dress (Video)


Popular Nigerian singer and songwriter Ayra Starr in a latest post passionately criticizes those who praise her music while simultaneously mocking her choice of wearing revealing attire.

The talented songster celebrated the turnout at her Stockholm show as she thanked fans for their show of love and support for her.

She wrote; “Stockholm has set the bar so high !!!! Thank you for giving me all the energy I needed !! See you next year.”

See her post below;

While commending her, one netizen had flawed her dress, adding that her stylist should learn to do better.

“Congratulations on your amazing performance. But I must add that your skirts are becoming shorter and shorter because the day. Your stylist should do better

Hope this helps ,” one netizen wrote.

See the exchange below;

Everything I do is for the girlies – Singer Ayra Starr rips men to shreds for ridiculing her skimpy dress (Video)
This incensed the singer and she went went on a roll, blasting men for their comments. She informed them that they are not the target audience of her music and all she does is for the girls.

“A bunch of useless men in my CS telling me what to wear and what I shouldn’t , shey e ni ise ni ? MF clout chasers

Like I said everything I do is for the girlies and  stay the fuck away you are not the target audience! Disgusting

Btw I don’t care at all , I’m just pointing out how stupid they look from here incase they’re not aware ,” she wrote.


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