“Don’t call on me to make contributions for people who didn’t call me for work” – Shan George slams Nollywood colleagues requesting she contributes for other colleagues’ welfare


Shan George has slammed her Nollywood colleagues who request that she donates to the welfare of other colleagues.

She said that when her colleagues have acting roles that will bring money, they do not ever consider her for such opportunities.

She added that even if it’s a minimal role like “waka pass” so she can see “small garri” to drink with her children, they do not give her.

But when it is time to make donations, they bombard her phone with requests.

She explained that she just woke to see that she has been added to 15 WhatsApp groups to gather monetary donations for colleagues.

She pointed out that most of the people they are requesting donations for also never called her for jobs.

She then warned that no one should add her to such groups again.

She also pointed out that when she was experiencing difficulties, nobody cared.


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