Controversial Statement: VeryDarkMan Points Finger at Mohbad’s Wife as Number One Suspect


Controversial commenter VeryDarkMan believes the late singer Mohbad’s widow to be the prime suspect in her husband’s death once more.

You may remember that the Tiktoker offered a DNA test for Mohbad’s son a few days ago in order to establish the child’s paternity.
VeryDarkMan claims that after the response, he saw a pattern surrounding his claim and how media coverage of the incident narrowed the suspects down to just Naira Marley and Sam Larry.

He thought back to the day when Mohbad’s wife’s sister had threatened to sue him for suggesting DNA testing for the late singer’s son and demanded N300 million.

After doing his study, VeryDarkMan reflected on eight posts that Mohbad’s wife wrote just 24 hours after her husband passed away.

While reading out all the captions on the posts, VeryDarkMan emphasized how all of Mohbad’s wife’s posts were about herself only, terming it as ‘selfish.’

“They said Naira Marley paid me to move attention to her. I know why they said that; so that nobody go talk about am. All her post of that day was to move suspicion from her. She did six posts about how both of them loved each other; and how Mohbad did the best things for her. Then she made two posts sending everything away from her. As of now, that girl is my number one suspect; coupled with the statement Mohbad said about ‘if you kpai me, shey you go kpai my family,’” he said in part.

Watch the video below …


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