Come to my rescue, the only option is to end my lífe, I can’t live with the sham£ – Last chat of man who gave up the gh0st after l0sing N2.5 million to gamblíng causes buzz


The last chat of a Nigerian man who sadly lost his life after allegedly losing N2.5 million to gambling has leaked online.

The man identified as Onoh Chukwuka Richard, from Arochukwu Local Government Area in Abia State, reportedly ended his life days ago.

Richard in WhatsApp conversation with his fiend, Chief Steven Ukpabi expressed his descent into chronic gambling, attributing it to unemployment and the lack of job opportunities.

He shared his deep concern about the difficulty he would face in repaying a debt of 1.2 million naira, which he had borrowed for his ill-fated bet.

He wrote; “The only option is to 3nd my life as I can not live with the shame
His Excellency Sir. Pls come to my rescue. I have turned into a gambler because of no job and right now, I am at a point if I don’t redeem my debt, I might kill myself to pay the debt. I used 2,500,000 to place a bet and 1.2m is not my own and if I don’t pay up today. I will be dead by the time you read this message. As I type this message, I am where I want to buy snippper.”

@Correct Babynus reacted: “This man killed himself out of depression, he has been depressed for long but no one noticed. He was only using the gamble to kinda ease the depression. May his soul rest in peace. Omo, depression is real.”

@DJ Kayvin Vibes reacted: “And the worst part is that the person or company that borrowed him the money didn’t know that he’s using it to place a bet(gamble) and maybe he used his business as collateral and now he has lost his life and his business.”

@Ukogo Schneider Enyinnaya said: “This man killed himself out of depression, the debt aspect was just the height of it all….May God accept his soul.”

@NenyeNonso Ajuluchukwu said: “Him for just give me that 2.5 m and watch me do wonders him just go kpai himself for nothing. Depression is real oh.”

@Blexin Igbokwe reacted: “Most gamblers are greedy. It was greed that killed him nothing more.”

@Mercy Obianuju Nwamara said: “We all should know that gambling has this spirit of greed. It’s very hard to stop and I pray this serves as a lesson to other youths.”

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