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“Can You Allow Your Son Marry Someone Like Mohbad’s WIfe” – Kemi Olunloyo Slams Iyabo Ojo


Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has criticized Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, for supporting Omawunmi Aloba, the wife of the late singer Mohbad, who she accused of several crimes.

In a post shared on her Twitter page, Kemi Olunloyo accused Iyabo Ojo of being dishonest, calling her a liar and questioning if she would allow her son to marry Omawunmi who she described as a “black widow.”

The journalist alleged that the actress is guiding Omawunmi on what to say publicly, criticizing her for defending someone was accused of poisoning her late husband’s food.

She also condemns Ojo for trying to silence her, claiming she is an investigative journalist and won’t be silenced by the actress’ warnings.

Olunloyo further highlighted Ojo’s career paths, labeling her actions as foolish and hypocritical, and predicted divine punishment for her involvement in supporting someone who is deemed guilty.

She wrote, “Iyabo why do you keep telling Wunmi what to say to the public? When did she send you that fake message? You are acting as the PR of a murdrer. Can you allow Wunmi to marry your son Festus?

“A woman who poisoned her husband’s noodles with benzodiazepines to become drowsy and sleep off so she could go into another room in the Marlian house to have sx with other members? You cannot silence the truth”.


“Iyabo Ojo you are a LIAR and complete idiot who keeps coaching this black widow on what to say to the public. When did she send you this your FAKE MESSAGE? Where is the header showing HER NAME?

“Last night you come messaging me warning me against what? Are you trying to SILENCE ME???????????????I don’t have your time and not going to do VDBM back and forth with you. You cannot silence the truth. I’m an INVESTIGATIVE journalist BIT*H??

You this failed actress turn into a TikTok skit maker to a fake reality show divorced housewife to an activist and now a Public Relations Officer? This is beyond stup!d.

“When I called you to order in my DM last month I thought you had got some sense when you were begging me to post my voice notes so that people can properly understand the dãft beef you had with me.

“You didn’t want me to use your children as a casket ?? buying example but you are now acting as PR for a murderer and a black widow. Anyone believing her lies is just another moron and slave to your rhythm.

“She didn’t send you shit. You are trying an image laundering route for her. Public Relations is my second degree. No matter how much you shield this fool from the truth Iyabo, God will punish you??????”



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