As you pray for money also pray for long life, God please I don’t want to die young – Portable


Following the tragic passing of his colleague MohBad at the age of 27, controversial artiste Habeeb Okikiola, known as Portable, shared a heartfelt prayer on his Instagram page.

He expressed the hope that his own death would not be used for self-promotion and urged people to focus on prayers for prosperity, lasting success and long life.

Portable emphasized the importance of appreciating one’s current blessings and believing in the fulfillment of desires. He encouraged patience, stating that everyone’s time would come, and blessings and testimonies would follow.

He also made a sincere plea to God, expressing his desire for a long life and hoping that the world would celebrate him while he is still alive.

The passing of MohBad has deeply affected the music industry, with colleagues paying tribute to the late ‘Imole’ artist. Portable’s prayer serves as a poignant reminder of life’s brevity and the wish for one’s legacy to be acknowledged during their lifetime.

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