“Any man who híts a woman isn’t fit to be called a man” – Pete Edochie says, reveals the strength of a woman is in her mouth


Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has declared that men who strikes women out of sheer provocation do not befit the title of a man.

While making an advertisement for Life Lager beer, the actor, who recently marked his 77th birthday, stated that his birthday coincides with the International Women’s Day of March 8.

He continued by praising women and said that a house becomes a home only when a woman moves in.

Pete Edochie told men that the strength of a woman lies in her tongue so if a man strikes a woman simply because he is provoked, the he isn’t fit to be called a man.

He went on to say that any man who can get along with a woman is capable of leading both a local government and a country.

See netizens reactions below:

taaatibg said: “A woman is a miracle,It depends on how you treat her!🥰💯”

samvail_ stated: “A man full of wisdom! Maybe Yul knows what he’s doing! 🤷🏾‍♂️😁”

ble_ssing_sunday wrote: “Now Judy no go allow Yul hear this message, she don close bottle”

viq_tory penned: “This man is full of wisdom 👏meanwhile his son is some where doing tiktok challenge..God abeg no let any of my family member bring shame to us 😢”



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