“Ah village people” – Nigeria man cries out as rats eat his American visa and passport


A Nigerian man faces a heartbreaking situation as rats eat up his international passport containing a valid American visa, causing a significant disruption to his travel plans.

A video making the rounds on social media captured the lamentation of a Nigerian who had an unexpected issue as a result of rodents

It seems that the man not only misplaced his crucial travel document but also fell victim to the hungry set of rats, resulting in the loss of his US visa.

In light of this unfortunate incident, he shared advice with his fellow Nigerians, urging them to be diligent in safeguarding their passports by keeping them in secure locations.

The incident gained widespread attention online, with commenters sharing their thoughts and proposing potential solutions to address the loss of both passport and visa.

Reactions as rats eat up American visa and passport of a Nigerian man
Noel Falkov said, “Omg so sorry, hope it’s not too close to your travel date. Jesus gba wa ooo”.

COMFY’S mode said, “I run go check my own😂😂😂😂”.

IkeDollar said, “The embassy well reissue it, as long as you’ve been approved, send an email to them, then schedule a new date and you’ll get it issued.”

Pinocchio stated: “My friend given to his mom to hide his passport with American Visa in, she digged the floor in her room Berried it and cover by carpet for 1 months 🤣.”

Watch the video below …


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