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50 years from now, I will still be remembered – Rema


Nigerian Afrobeats star, Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, has stated that 50 years from now, he will still be remembered for his influence in music and fashion.

In an interview with Apple Music Africa Now Radio hosted by Nandi Madiba, Rema discussed his sound and how making art would endure for decades.

He said: “When you’re blessed with a gift, it’s beyond making it seem logical. To me, it’s more like a spirit thing, it’s not like a brain thing, and it’s not like a thought process.

There’s nothing I needed to study to be able to get others to tap in with me. I was just tapping in with myself, and if others follow me? Great. If they don’t? Great. I’d say for me it’s mostly internal, when I hear the voice in my head it’s leading me and I feel like a vessel, to leave a mark in the world. It’s like I’m chosen for it 

“I’m supportive of creatives. You see all these great things that have to do with my storytelling, my journey, my branding, my visuals, my photos. I’m not the one taking the photos, I’m not the one shooting the videos, I’m not the one doing all of that they’re just young youths waiting for someone to invest in them, to bring out their crazy ideas, right? That’s what I live for, I live for investing in the youth.

“I’m not just here because I want to drop a banger, make some money, and live a flashy life. In 50 years to come, people are going to trace a lot of things back to me – songs back to me, fashion style back to me, visuals back to me, a whole bunch. I want to be able to touch all areas of life, but music is like the first rocket. When it detaches, it goes wherever it needs to go.”



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