Y0ur husband way dívorced p|enty Wífe’s Twítter Users Say”After She wrote“A joyful wife” – Sharon Ooja celebrates one week wedding anniversary


Actress Sharon Ooja officially became Mrs Nwoke about a week ago, and she has returned to social media to celebrate one week as a wife.

In her post, Sharon Ooja wrote;

”A week ago still reeling!! Our vows before God our ultimate protector I’ve been in awe and I can’t stop smiling watching the love between me and mine, my shy strong man 2….

I’m a strong woman a very very very strong one if you know you know, but love
makes you kind and love makes you joyful and soft because God is love and I have God

I read in Habakkuk 1 11 it says they fail because their strength is their god it means that people trust in themselves so much and that’s why they fail….

I trust in Jesus the author and finisher of my faith. A God who protects fiercely. as I celebrate the love I sealed a week ago I pray God gives you , your heart desires I pray that God celebrates you in ways that you desire … above all may God be the foundation of any love story you have.. He’s the author of mine Son forever !! A joyful wife”

Sharon Ooja’s wedding was the talk of town, both in terms of its splendor and the drama surrounding it.

The stunning actress had one of the best wedding decorations to ever be witnessed, and her outfits also matched the beauty of the decoration.

Despite the fact that her wedding was surrounded by beauty and luxury, there was still drama lurking in the shadows, in relation to her husband’s past marriages.

Netizens dug up evidence of two of Mr Nwoke’s past weddings, which took place shortly after the end of one another.

This discovery brought about a huge divide between netizens, as some chastised her for marrying him, while others prayed for her marriage to last.


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