“Why Portable no look like wh0 No de Ú.S” – Netizens react as Portable flies first class back to Nígeria after months in the U.S


Portable recently uploaded a video, where he was talking about the reason why he was returning back to Nigeria.

In that video, Portable said that he was returning because some show hosts had booked him to perform, and they had refused to collect a refund, so he had to come back to Nigeria unfailingly.

Portable also took that opportunity to brag about flying first class to Nigeria, and he made the video at a stopover.

Eagle eyed netizens showed doubt as to whether Portable actually flew first class, while others were simply happy that he was returning to Nigeria.

shoes_by_demokraft wrote, “Abeg, What are Portable fans called abeg”

gylliananthonette wrote, “From January to December, baba day blogs for good o or the other one.His grace is automatic”

khadijat.aa wrote, “Omo, why portable no look like person wey dey US since?”

rashvdah wrote, “You really cannot hate portable. Man is an entire cruise on his own”

massive.graphicz wrote, “I remember when this guy drop Zazu with olamide around one late year, people were like “This one no fit stay limelight for long with this kind song” say if no be because of olamide…. The song no fit make. 2-3 years after that time o, portable still dey limelight, portable no pack up.. Now I truly believe say it’s not the matter of how good you’re at your job or craft. Grace is necessary. Good or bad, portable still dey show for una screen pass an other artist currently.”

aduke_luxury_ store wrote, “Omo, portable go America still be like Sey he dey Ikorodu. And there’s me who no even get American visa but viewing it through portable posts”

Portable may have been in America for months, but that didn’t stop him from stirring trouble in Nigeria.

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