“We No Dey Knaçk” Bimbo Ademoye’s Early Morning Visit to Timini Egbuson’s House Fuels Dating Rum0urs


Famous Nigerian actor Timini Egbuson recently released a fascinating video of Bimbo Ademoye’s surprising early morning visit to his crib, prompting an uproar of fans speculation.

In a tantalizing Snapchat video, Timini Egbuson named Bimbo Ademoye as his ‘Early morning guest’.

The video shows Bimbo on the stairs, initially retreating when she spotted Timini’s camera, clearly uncomfortable with being filmed in such an impromptu moment.

However, the attractiveness of the lighthearted interaction won her over, and she ultimately gave in to Timini’s continuous shooting and made her way up the steps toward him.

As Bimbo approached, Timini dropped a tantalizing bombshell with his seductive query, “Did you enjoy last night?”

The air crackled with chemistry as Bimbo, refusing to be outdone, fired back with her own witty retort, all while maintaining a playful yet slightly flustered demeanor.

Their banter was electric, and fans couldn’t get enough of the spicy exchange.

See Video Below;


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