“These women just teach others how to h@te men, me I will love and worship my husband” — Lady berates feminists


A lady has made a video berating this generation’s feminists, saying they only teach women how to hate men and leave their husbands.

The woman who was embittered by the actions of feminists, made a video calling them out for misleading other women.

According to her, the definition of this present generations feminist is only interested in hating men and not doing what is expected of you as a woman.

In her words;

“What I understand about this generation feminists is, hate men, don’t do what you’re supposed to do as woman for a man.”

“Do not worship men, do not worship your husband. If your husband do small mistake like this, divorce him, don’t stay in your husband’s house. Be a stupid woman, work hard because you don’t want any man to control you.”

The lady stated that she is an independent woman but she would never be a feminist because feminism is all about preaching hatred against men.

“These women just teach others how to hate men, me I will love and worship my husband” — Lady berates feminists
The lady berating feminists of this generation.
According to her, she will respect her husband, wash his clothes, kneel to serve him food as a responsible woman while he provides for her as it is his responsibility.

She also warned feminists against advising women to leave their husbands who cheat, as they only divorce their husbands and regret it because outside of the marriage is still hard.

Watch video here:


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