Story Surface Online: After Mercy Eke issued first strike, risks disqualification


Biggie had earlier taken disciplinary actions against housemates Pere and Neo for engaging in silent conversations, serving as a clear warning to others regarding adhering to the microphone rules.

Referring to Article 16, Sub-article 3 of the house rule book, Big Brother emphasized the specific guidelines pertaining to microphone usage applicable to all contestants.

The rule explicitly mentions that consistent or intentional breaches may result in severe consequences, including strikes or expulsion from the house.

With one strike already against her, Mercy Eke is now in imminent danger of being disqualified from the Big Brother Naija house.

It is noteworthy that other housemates have also received strikes in the past, including Ilebaye with two strikes, Ceec one strike, and Ike also had one before eviction.

Soma likewise received a strike for harassing Angel and making an offensive gesture toward the camera.

Watch the video below …


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