“Sophia 0ld pass Davído” She is 10 steps ahead of you” – Comedian Dee One weighs in on Davido’s child custody batt|e with Sophia Momodu


Comedian Dee One recently gave his two cents about the ongoing child custody battle between Davido and Sophia Momodu, and he seemed to have a lot to get off his chest.

According to Dee One, Sophia Momodu is currently ten steps ahead of Davido, so the odds of him winning against her in court are very slim.

He also said that Sophia Momodu has had Davido in mind for a very long time, and as such, she has everything planned out, should in case Davido makes any move.

Going forward, Dee One gave ah example of the intimate conversation that Sophia Momodu leaked between herself and Davido.

He also brought up the phone conversation that was leaked between Sophia Momodu and Israel DMW, where she could be heard giving him a stern warning, shortly after he called her a gold digger.

Dee One’s candid advise to Davido was that he should beg Sophia Momodu for her forgiveness because going to court would not help his cause.

He said that if Davido apologizes and Sophia Momodu refuses to accept his apology, he should record the encounter and post it online so that she would be forced to forgive him.


quinnb_roval wrote, “Truthfully said.all she needs is just an apology. He’s done her dirty with so many disrespect.”

boss.michael2 wrote, “Oga make him lock up. D pikin go find him papa no matter what”

adesinaabigail wrote, “Deeone you understand it perfectly.”

anis_printing_hub wrote, “I swear she carry am for mind since but he will win.”

precy.baby wrote, “Court for wat? David don leave pikin for her nah”

thechefkess wrote, “Deeone is always speaking my mind, make peace with this woman, if she forgives u, she will send your daughter to you herself, you don’t need to be in a relationship with her anymore, just do the needful for ur daughter interest”

princechuksde wrote, “Beg her for what exactly please I just want to know !!!”

useful772023 wrote, “David don talk say make she take Imade! When Imade grow she go look for her father! Let her go and manage herself!”


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