“Some of y’all should have houses in Banana Island” – Reality star Laura Ikeji |aments about the cost of híring influencers


Reality television star Laura Ikeji recently got hit with an influencer rate card, and she seems to be in shock.

In a recent post, the Real Housewives of Lagos star revealed that influencers charge up to $10,000 per video, and three-million Naira to post on their Instagram stories.

Laura Ikeji also said that at this rate, influencers should be able to afford houses in Banana Island Lagos, which is one of the most expensive places to live in Lagos State.

At the end of her post, Laura Ikeji chided herself, stating that she was slacking in her job as an influencer, and that the influencers charging high amounts of money should teach her how it is done.

Netizens in the comment section gathered to share their thoughts, and here are some of the comments;

glitz_farms wrote, “Most businesses are influencing for themselves these days because what is that… 3 million for story what if it doesn’t convert”

mz_bolajoko wrote, “That is why we business owners have decided to be an influencer too”

thriftbywini wrote, “How much is the total goods in the shop? Na craze Dey worry them.”

lashaffairby_lush wrote, “That is why no one is contacting them. Laura pls don’t join them o”

femininecarenaija wrote, “I am my own influencer”

aymikun wrote, “Na wa, how much is the profit that the businesses are even making, it’s we o”

kherdheejert wrote, “That’s why one needs to become a content creator now to promote their business, most of those people are daylight robbers… the funny part is how they even make it seem like they’re doing you a favour”

kaylaaccessories wrote, “Business owners sef don dey influence dere brand Imao”

In recent times, influencers haven’t exactly had a good reputation, as quite a number of them have been called out over misconduct.

One of the most popular influencers to be called out recently is Ashmusy, and it was Very Dark Man that dragged her over some unpaid debt with a businessman in Alaba, Lagos.


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