“No matter how rich your boyfriend is, he can’t buy our uniform” – Nigerian soldiers tell ladies dating rich men (Video)


A Nigerian soldier brags about how priceless his uniform is as he emphasises what he and his team plan to do with the boyfriends of any lady they get hold of.

A video making the rounds on social media captured a group of supposed newly recruited military men boasting about their jobs.

One of the soldiers started by boasting about how wealthy their uniforms were despite being looked down upon by ladies who prefer men with physical wealth.

The soldier further threatened to deal with any of the boyfriends of any lady they lay their hands on.

“See your boyfriend fit get money but he no fit buy this one. Make he try that hin confidence, by the time we carry him, this life will tire him. He will tell us if he ate lion soup, we make him sweat it out,” he said in part.

Reactions trailing soldier bragging about priceless Nigerian Army uniform
jasper_.ben said: “Werey wey I go use do escort 😂.”

solar_deals_nigeria said: “Clowns, you guys should better start respecting that uniform and stop making senseless videos. 😢”

doctall_kingsley opined: “All the children of the politicians in Nigeria will get it for free sir 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️law is only for the poor.”

tattby_defrancis stated: “How much for escort again….??I want 3 of them 😂.”

official_beyoung penned: “Nothing special about them. Just base on say them dey walk with group. I no fit see this one make I no beat am one on one.”

official_sojaqueen wrote: “Clowns, this is so unethical and so unprofessional, be like say una just pass out so una morale dey high, after 2 months una eyes go clear.”

Watch the video below …


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