“My kids are on vacation with their father’s family” – Davido’s cousin Folasade s|ams Twéep who dràgged her over her prayers for Sophia Momodu


Folasade Adeleke, the cousin of award-winning music star Davido, has slammed a Twitter user who dragged her over her prayers for Sophia Momodu.

Davido had reacted to the affidavit Sophia Momodu filed opposing him from having joint custody of their daughter. In the affidavit, she cited reasons such as the death of his son, Ifeanyi, his controversial lifestyle and his love for using their daughter to get back at her as reasons for opposing him.

Reacting to it via his Instagram story, Davido noted how Sophia was constantly bringing up the death of his child at any point to remind them of the tragedy that haunts them every day of their lives. The singer noted how his daughter would grow up to know she fought for him as he gave her custody of their daughter, reminding her that Imade wouldn’t be a child forever. Expressing his love for Imade, he told Sophia to enjoy her.

Folasade chirped into the issue, stating that it is God who will judge Sophia Momodu for mentioning Ifeanyi’s death during her child custody battle with Davido.

A Twitter user who wasn’t pleased with her statement questioned why she didn’t leave her children with her baby daddy. The Twitter user stated that people like her love supporting bad things as he noted how when Davido lied against Sophia that marijuana was found in Imade’s blood, God didn’t judge them when they wanted to run with Imade.

“God will judge you more. You, to, leave your children for your baby daddy. You evil people like supporting bad things. When your cousin lied against her that marijuana was found in Imade’s blood and your family wanted to run with Imade, God did not judge you all. Mtchewwwwww”.

Hitting back, Folasade told him she wasn’t keeping her kids away from their father as they were on summer vacation with his family. She told the troll not to come for her when she didn’t know what was happening.

“My kids are currently on summer vacation with their dad’s family. You dùmb ass bitch. Don’t à
@ me when you don’t know wtf is going on. You are waiting your credit! Evil is evil”.


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