Married man poses for camera after be@ting up wife in front of their child


A married man has caused buzz after he beats his wife in front of their child and then poses for the camera after the act.

The man was being recorded by the child who was crying and begging the father to stop pummeling the mother.

However, the married man refused to listen despite being aware that he was being recorded by his child.

He beat his wife, ignoring the tears of his child to go as far as drawing blood and posing after he was done.

Many Netizens have reacted angrily to this video.

See some reactions below:

@Akanbi__ said: “This is pure evil behavior from this man. What message is he passing to his kids.”

@OkobiaOseyi wrote: “He has suddenly forgotten how he used to beg her to love him. She’s now like a punching bag to him. Some men are just heartless 😌.”

@youngskidmusic said: “I don’t need to know what the woman did, it’s so obvious that this man does not have a conscience. Don’t hesitate to leave the marriage when you still have the power to do so. A word is enough for the wise 📌📌”

@Agukings803 wrote: “😂 😂 he pose for camera??? Prison straight.”

@sylvez92 said: “Dysfunctional family is one major cause of a dysfunctional society”

Watch video here…


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