“It’s Víllage mentalíty for someone to send you money and you reply with ‘Seen’” – Kanayo Kanayo s|ams entitled Nigeríans (Video)


Nollywood actor Kanayo Kanayo has addressed entitled Nigerians who lack the attitude of being grateful.

Taking to his Instagram page, he questioned why people are so ungrateful as he pondered on why someone would send another money, and they would reply with a text saying, “Seen’. Calling it inheritance mentality, he stated that gratitude unspoken is indirectly ingratitude spoken.

He made entitled Nigerians know that it isn’t their right to be given money by another as he admonished them to be grateful.

“Why are people so ungrateful? You do them a favour by sending them money, and the person receives it and sends you a text saying ‘seen’. Common, you think it is your right? That’s an inheritance mentality. See, gratitude unspoken is ingratitude spoken. It isn’t your right; learn to be grateful for whatever anyone does for you. In that way, the person would do more”.

Concurring with him, one Oluchukwu wrote, “Appreciation is the secret of elevation. Do it, and thank me more

One Hito Delights wrote, “Deep. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles

One Ped4real wrote, “Odiegwu. The level of entitlement in our society is weird

One Monday, Sinclair wrote, “Pøor people and pride are 5&6

One King_Jsg wrote, “Don’t mind them, sir. They have sacrificed their gratitude for pride

One Mr Elvis Kobi wrote, “It’s pride mixed with jealousy and insecurities. Some can’t believe you’re the one bailing them out, and they rather wanna trade places”.


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