Heartbreaking Story: Man Forced to Sell Supermarket for N40m, Struggles After Moving Family to Canada


In a video that’s making the rounds online, a guy tells the tale of a family man from Lagos State who made the monumental decision to sell his successful supermarket business for N40 million in order to start over with his wife and kids in Canada.

The path of this ambitious Nigerian man began with high hopes and lofty expectations. After selling his grocery store in Lagos, he and his family moved to Canada for a life-changing journey.

But as the sharp reality of their separation from their native country set in, homesickness set in and the husband yearned to go back to Nigeria.

In an attempt to discover a resolution that would satisfy both his longing for home and his family’s aspirations in Canada, they arrived at a mutual agreement.

The husband returned to Nigeria, while his wife and children remained in Canada to pursue better educational and career opportunities.

In order to provide for his family overseas, the husband embarked on a small business venture in his home country and conscientiously sent them financial assistance.

Over the years, the wife seized the opportunities presented in Canada, enrolling in school, completing her education, and securing better prospects for herself.

However, as time passed, things took an unexpected turn when financial troubles began to plague the husband in Nigeria.

Faced with mounting difficulties, he made the bold decision to relocate abroad for the second time to reunite with his family in Canada.

Upon his return, the man encountered challenges in securing stable employment, despite his best efforts.

Things became hard for him as the woman he had spent much on started complaining when their living costs ate deep into her income, and the man could not get a good job abroad.

The man sought advice on what to do as he could no longer tolerate disrespect from his wife and children. His colleague said he made a wrong move.

Watch the video below;


‘1st or 2nd Wife Who Should I Donate My Kidney To’ Man Cries Out #qotd #nigeriacrime #mohbad

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