“Before you go, tell us the great plans Tinubu shared with you” – Mix reactions as Toyin Abraham |ashes out at her bullíes


Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham is currently trending on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, now known as X, as she lashes out at her bullies.

Hours ago, an X user had accused her of arresting his mother. Calling her shameless for such an act, he urged her to send more police to arrest everyone.

Reacting to his allegation, Toyin stated that he could abuse all and call her names, and it would be okay to her, but where she draws the line is when people curse her kids and lie. She clarified that she never arrested his mother and only made a report of cybercrime as a citizen.

The Twitter user further revealed how the movie star picked up her mom from her shop at Panti police station and prayed for God to judge her, and Toyin replied, stating that he was lying as she explained the situation.

Taking to her Instagram Live, Toyin stressed that she never arrested anybody’s mother as she only exercised her democratic right. She stated that the only reason people are bullying her is because she supported another person, and she never collected money from him. She noted how she has been getting threatening messages ever since.

Toyin stated that she is ready to die, but before her death, she will make sure everybody who bullied and defamed her wouldn’t go scot-free.

Her statement drew mixed reactions as while some expressed concern for her, others continued to drag her.

One Frank Emeks TV wrote, “Make I help u buy rat poison or sniper, choose wisely

One Sassy Grace wrote, “U never see anything. Na cos u no collect money e dey pain u or what? You are saying they paid them money; be ready to prove that, too

One Jhiboo wrote, “They should let her be, please. Is she the only one that supports him? Some of you all mothers’ voted for this particular government, and you didn’t bully them. Guys, let her be, please

One Heart Zuri wrote, “Nigerians should leave this lady alone, d cyberbullying is too much

One Eyan Mayweather wrote, “You can’t arrest them for defamation; you can only sue them

One Mr Remi Jius wrote, “I swear u wouldn’t die. U will stay alive and follow us and suffer every suffering we suffering in this country

One Gylian Anthonette wrote, “Omo see her eyes like she’s been crying

One Rhukieee wrote, “I support her on this. At this point, y’all leave her alone; she’s not the only supporter of Tinubu

One Lizzy Of Blaze wrote, “Please, before you go, tell us the great plans Tinubu shared with you”


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